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Why is Women Empowerment is Important?

Women’s Empowerment has been an important topic of discussion today. Be it a firm, or social activity, women play a significant role in decision-making, planning and implementation. Women Empowerment is a mass movement that deals with the provision of representation, freedom of speech and the opportunity for women in society. In the older times, women were denied opportunities in many areas. But today, women have a remarkable role in encouraging economic growth. Through this article, we will discuss why women’s empowerment is important for society. Though there are numerous reasons, this article will consider nine important reasons for the promotion of women’s empowerment.

Women empowerment for healthier families

Healthy women mean healthy families. This is because women play the role of a manager, making the best utilization of resources available for the family. Women, in the family, play a good role in the financial management of the family. They too play the role of an organizer. They take various roles like teaching, partnering, mentoring and what not? They even take a step forward in the overall administration of the family. Undoubtedly, a woman is the Queen of a family.  So, a woman is definitely inevitable for the well-being of the family.

Find Talents

Every individual in this world is blessed with a unique talent, regardless of gender. Women possess talents that men don’t have. The world has witnessed women who came out fighting all odds in their life to showcase their talent to the world. Today, women are encouraged to take leadership roles in business firms, and state and national affairs. They have proved that women are in no way different to men. In order to promote women’s talent, various opportunities should be provided such that they have the autonomy to analyze their inner talent and bring out the unnoticed talents that can contribute to the world’s well-being. So, it is essential to give importance to the talents of every individual on earth, regardless of gender. Women empowerment will definitely ensure talent recognition among women.

Society’s holistic development

Recognition of women in society can have a significant impact on the upliftment of society.  In today’s world, women have marked their presence in every sector, including engineering, management, healthcare, hospitality and many more. When women are provided opportunities in every field, it encourages women from all sections of the society to come forward to prove their expertise, and give rise to the overall development of the society. All the above activities take the community to the next level. It is clear that women’s empowerment will lead to the overall development of society.

Greater Literacy Rates

Empowerment of women will result in greater literacy rates in society. Education for women and girls is a major movement which involves ensuring education opportunities for every girl child.  The aim of any country is to increase its literacy rate. In modern times, education is provided to everyone, regardless of gender discrimination. This will help women participate in the labour markets, and contribute to the economic well-being of society. Education for women will ensure healthcare, nutrition and education for the future generation. So, women’s empowerment will help improve the literacy rate of the country.

Ensuring greater safety

Safety has been the greatest concern for women for many years. When women are given representation as stakeholders in society, safety is ensured for them as well. The empowerment of women will help them claim their safety against unprecedented harm from society. To furnish their full potential, women need to be protected from violence, discrimination and harassment at all levels including at home, at work and in society. Today, to ensure safety for women, strict laws have been implemented. So, women should be given the necessary education to fight against any harm. As a result, women’s empowerment will ensure safety for women.

Provision of financial independence

Women’s Empowerment will make sure women are given the ability to be independent. When women are given access to proper education and safety, they will be able to take managerial roles and participate in labour markets helping them to earn money. This will aid them with decision-making power, as it is the core of financial independence. Financial freedom will help women, possess good financial habits, build on their careers, focus on educating their surroundings and establish a position on par with men. So, women’s empowerment will enable women to be financially independent.

Role in economic growth

When the population of women in a country is commendable, it becomes necessary for a country to give empower its women. This will ensure the consistent economic growth of the country. But how? When women are provided with the education and safety, they will get to participate in the labour market, and provide ideas for technological innovation. Since supply is positively related to technology, women would improve the output produced by the country. The output produced will improve the GDP of the country. So, women’s empowerment will help improve the economic status of the country.

Elimination of poverty

When women are denied their rights, they remain poor. This will make them face various obstacles in society. Women empowerment will help eradicate poverty in the country. When women are encouraged to make their presence at work, it will help them earn money, and become financially independent. This will alter the condition of the whole family. Women empowerment as a movement throughout the days has helped lots of women to lead a happy life in society. But the most important thing is ensuring equal wages for men and women. So, women’s empowerment will eradicate poverty in society.

Freedom of choice

When women are provided with their rights, it will ensure them the freedom of making their own choices. Be it their employment, education or any issue in their life, they have the fullest freedom to make their choice. The freedom of choice will help women look for varied options and choose the best ones. So, on the whole, women’s empowerment is the reason to grant the freedom of choice to women.


Women empowerment is a term that can never be avoided. The olden days saw masculine domination of women. But, today, the barriers have been broken. Gone are the days of gender discrimination on the basis of employment, education, health and rights. Today, the voice of women is given the same importance as men. So, this article has considered eight reasons why the empowerment of women is important. Everyone reading this article should ensure that women are provided with their fundamental rights everywhere, including in work, society and the country. Let the world flourish with everyone working towards the world’s well-being.

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