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Empower woman to empower the next generation

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For time immemorial women in general been forced to occupy a secondary place in relation to men. Women have been relegated to the margins in spite of the fact that they are numerically half of the world’s population.
This has resulted in women being unable to take a place of human dignity as free and independent entities associated with men on an intellectual and professional equal wavelength.
In the ancient period women were known to engage in many productive activities but over the time reproduction and challenges of pregnancy and childbirth gradually made her dependent on men for protection and food.

By the time mankind reached more settled existence patriarchy was fully established. The men were to write the codes of the society and governance where women were given subordinate role. The men projected the dominant viewpoint as universal truth. Yet even in the ages of strict dominance by males society has thrown up women of caliber who could match even surpass the skills of men. The visible achievements of women as teachers, doctors, pilots, politicians and explorers etc. have demolished the patriarchal notions of confining women’s role to home and hearth. But these achievements have been made mostly at individual levels at times when women faced discrimination and criticism at all levels.
It is easier to see how detrimental to progress it is to restrict women to specified roles and subordinate them to men. Even to raise children in today’s environment to make them fit to face the challenges of a competitive future a woman needs to be fully aware of her choices and decision-making.

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